Safety advisory group (SAG)


Each event will be judged individually in accordance with a consistent risk-based approach. When determining whether an event should be considered for consultation by the SAG, a combination of the criteria below will be considered:

  • Anticipated numbers attending at any one time (as a rule, events involving more than 2000 people will be considered);
  • Levels of risk with the event;
  • Events of an unusual nature / new event;
  • Concurrent events that may increase the impact and risk.

If an event organiser requests consultation through the SAG, the request will be considered.  However, as the resources of the SAG need to be targeted according to risk, this may not be accepted.

Where an event is planned to take place across multiple district boundaries (e.g. Queens Baton Relay 2022), it may be appropriate for Staffordshire County Council to coordinate the SAG in line with their own relevant terms of reference.