Safety advisory group (SAG)

Invited representation

Further representatives may be invited representation to particular meetings, to make a presentation or offer advice to the SAG. They will be allowed to freely contribute to any meeting, to which they are invited and will have their view considered, reported and recorded.

The following list outlines those who may be invited to meetings as considered appropriate:

  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Land owners
  • Legal service representation (the relevant solicitor for any of the core members)
  • Lichfield District Council – Other relevant departments (E.g. Parks, Parking, Street Cleansing, Internal Health & Safety etc.)
  • Local business representation
  • Local tourism representative
  • National Highways
  • NHS/Public health services
  • Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards
  • Transport services
  • Voluntary first aid services

Representatives from further specialist areas, or organisations, may be invited to meetings as deemed appropriate, to assist the SAG fully in considering any issues.

Premises licence holders, event organisers, contractors providing a service and or their representatives will on the request of the SAG attend meetings, or pre application meetings, and be able to provide information on request to organisations who are members of the SAG.