Safety advisory group (SAG)

Role of the SAG chair

The SAG will be chaired by a representative of Lichfield District Council or in their absence or a declared interest, a representative from a core member agency as agreed by the group. It can be chaired by agreement of the group by any of the core members.  The SAG Chair is not the principal decision maker. All decisions and recommendations made, will be made by the group as a whole.

The role of the SAG Chair is to:

  • Facilitate SAG meetings
  • Ensure that the membership of the SAG reflects the need to address relevant risks
  • Ensure that due account is taken of the views of all members of the SAG, including those attending by invitation
  • Co-ordinate information sharing between members
  • Keep an overview of all plans to facilitate a consistent and co-ordinated approach
  • Ensure all event plans and supporting documents are uploaded to ResilienceDirect
  • Maintain a calendar of events on ResilienceDirect to improve situational awareness amongst SAG members
  • Act as the coordinator between the SAG and the event organiser and/or management team
  • Ensure that an audit trail of group processes is maintained
  • Arrange where deemed necessary an audit of the event to ensure compliance with the plans submitted during which any deficiencies which may require urgent action or improvement are drawn to the attention of the event organiser.