Safety advisory group (SAG)

Core membership

Representatives from the below core membership, should ensure that they attend scheduled SAG meetings and engage with the SAG consultation process. Any apologies should be sent in good time prior to the meeting and unless it is not possible a substitute attendee should be sent in the absence of any members unable to attend.

The following organisations form the core members who will nominate one appropriate representative to attend the meetings, covering the outlined areas:

  • Lichfield District Council:
    • Emergency Planning (seconded from the Staffordshire Civil Contingencies Unit)
    • Environmental Protection
    • Events
    • Food and Health & Safety
    • Licensing
  • Staffordshire County Council:
    • Highways
  • Staffordshire Police:
    • Licensing Officer
    • Lichfield LPT
    • Tactical Planning Unit
  • Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service