Lichfield District Council community events and festivals fund

Events and festivals are an important part of the business and cultural landscape of the UK, Lichfield District is no different.

We recognise the importance events and festivals play in the cultural and economic wellbeing of the district and are keen to develop an interesting and successful year round events calendar.

We are keen to see new events coming forward to complement the existing offer and to help support and encourage this, we have introduced a community grant fund.

Application process

We are inviting grant applications for consideration from event organisers looking to bring new community events to Lichfield District.

The community events and festivals grants fund is designed to offer financial support to organisations to help bring new community events and festivals to Lichfield District, full details of the funding criteria and guidance notes can be found here.

Applicants for a community event grant can apply for up to £3000 at any time. We ask that before applying for a grant you email us to check there are funds still available.

If you are planning an event in Lichfield District further information can be found in the events policy.

If you have any queries about the grant, please email us.