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Common questions and advice
Common questions and advice

There are limited social homes to rent within Lichfield District.

Because of this our housing allocation scheme has been designed to give priority to applicants in the greatest level of housing need, and to make the best use of the social homes available. Our housing allocation scheme was last updated in July 2023.

We assess all housing register applications in line with our housing allocation scheme - this will determine whether you are eligible for the register, what priority band you will be assigned, and whether you are eligible for changes to your housing need based on a change in your circumstances.

When we provide you with a decision on your application we will explain how we have made our decision in line with our housing allocation scheme. 

If you feel that we have not made a fair or balanced decision in line with our scheme, or if we have made a decision unfairly, you can request a review of our decision which will be carried out by an independent officer.

Please make sure you request a review within 28 calendar days from the date we notify you of our decision.

You can request a review for the following reason:

  • A decision on your eligibility to join the housing register that you feel has not taken into account all necessary information or has not been made in a fair or balanced way.
  • The priority band we have assigned to your application or a change in your circumstances.
  • Our decision on your eligiblity for changes to your housing need based on a changes in your circumstances.
  • If we cancel your application for whatever reason.

To request a review, please talk to your housing officer or email within 28 calendar days. 

Once you have received a review decision, if you feel we have not carried out the review in a fair or balanced way, or if you feel that the way we have served you is not in line with our customer promise, you can make formal complaint online.