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Common questions and advice
Common questions and advice

If you are a housing association tenant, you can swap homes with another tenant. This is called a mutual exchange. Finding a mutual exchange means you will not have to wait for months, even years, on a housing transfer list, or choice based letting scheme.

A mutual exchange doesn’t just mean you have to swap like for like. You could downsize, upsize, swap across the country, swap a house for a flat and vice versa, get somewhere with a garden, find a property without stairs or find a property with adapted facilities.

Once you have agreed an exchange with another tenant, you must always obtain written permission from both of your landlords.

There are several swap schemes - some will be free to use, but a fee may be payable with others. The more schemes you are registered with, the more likely you are to find a suitable swap.

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For more information on mutual exchanges, visit the Shelter website .