Register for social housing

Am I eligible for social housing?

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There are limited social homes to rent within Lichfield District.


Because of this, our housing allocation scheme has been designed to give priority to applicants in the greatest level of housing need and to make the best use of the social homes available. 


Not all applicants are eligible to join the register and this will depend on your circumstances.


If you are eligible for social housing in Lichfield District you will be given a priority banding  and will be able to bid on properties on the Lichfield District Homes register.


Your priority banding will affect how your bids on properties are shortlisted.


Use our quick checker below to see if you could be eligible



Do any of the above apply to you?


We are sorry but it is unlikely you will be eligible for social housing based on the answers you have given. Why not find out about private rented accommodation or about housing associations that let homes direct in the district?


If you have housing related debt, we recommend you contact your current or previous landlord and put a payment plan in place to work towards clearing the debt. The citizens advice team can also help you if you need support to do this. Find out more.


If you are homeless or facing the threat of homelessness in the next 56 days, find out how to register as homeless and about the help we can provide.