Hire a local park for an event

Make a plan

Safety is fundamental to the success of your event and, as the event organiser, effective planning is essential.

Discuss your ideas and plans throughout the planning stages, not only with us, but with the emergency services and other local organisers. This can help you avoid unnecessary expense and problems closer to or during the event.

Things you may need to consider, such as noise and waste disposal, are highlighted in our event booking form.

Review your first aid plans. Remember to add employees, volunteers and event attendees in your first aid, medical and ambulance needs assessment. Visit the HSE website to find out more about first aid and safety at events.

Check your toilet requirements. You will need to estimate how many people your event is likely to attract and provide adequate toilet facilities. Please refer to the HSE guidelines on how many toilets should be provided per estimated crowd size.

Plan the big clear up and take down to make sure you leave the site as you found it. This often takes longer than expected, which needs to be accounted for in the event plan. Event organisers are reminded they are accountable for the site until it is cleared.