Hire a local park for an event

Site plan

Creating a site plan which details the event areas, along with the location of toilets, first aid points, emergency exits, car parking, fire extinguishers, litter bins and skips - is an essential part of running events, for the organisers, emergency services, park management and the event attendees.

You might need other landowners’ consent if the event crosses boundaries. We can only give consent for the part of an event that takes place on our own parks.

You may need a traffic management plan looking at the impact the event will have on the highway and neighbouring properties, how many vehicles to expect, how cars will be directed to your event, where cars will park and will this impact on emergency services.

Depending on the type and size of your proposed event you may need to apply for a premises licence and/or attend a safety advisory group (SAG). This is where you meet with various agencies, including the police, fire service and ambulance service, to help you deliver an event that is as safe as it can be.