Land charge searches and fees

Response times

Please note that there is a significant delay to our response to all search enquiries. This affects:

  • Lichfield District Council, South Staffs District Council, and South Derbyshire District Council official searches, personal searches, and personal searches ‘CON29’ requests (EIR).
  • Tamworth Borough Council (Post 2009) and North Warwickshire Borough Council building control information as part of a personal searches ‘CON29’ request (EIR).

Please allow 45 days for a response to these enquires.

This delay has been caused by:

  • A significant increase in search requests over a relatively short period of time.
  • Data quality issues that are refined before searches are returned.
  • A lack of staffing resources to match the increase in search volume.
  • The closure of council offices to Personal Search companies.

Additional staff have now been recruited on a temporary basis, and the situation is being kept on a week by week basis.

Urgent Searches

If you have a search response that is required urgently to prevent the loss of a property transaction, or to meet the governments stamp duty requirements, then please email the relevant team below and the search will be expedited:

Before contacting the team, please check that the search hasn’t already been returned to your search agent, and ask them to check their spam folders.