Make a food premises complaint

We will investigate complaints about dirty and unsafe food premises, or poor food safety and hygiene practices in premises across the district, if they pose a risk to public health.

This could include:

  • dirty premises
  • poor hand hygiene
  • poor food handling
  • unavailable or incorrect allergen information

Poor customer service should be reported to the business directly.

If you want to complain about a food product (for example a foreign object in food - i.e. an object in food you would not reasonably expect to be there), please fill in our food product complaint form.

We do not deal with complaints about premises selling counterfeit or illegal goods. These are dealt with by Staffordshire County Council's Trading Standards department.

Where a public health risk is identified we can take formal action, from requiring a business to improve, through to issuing warning letters, a caution, or even a prosecution.

We do not get involved in compensation claims – these are a civil matter and you should take them up with the manufacturer and, if necessary, through the courts.