Planning - pre-planning application

Before you apply, please get the following documents ready:

  • A covering letter outlining the proposal/s in detail including a description of the development and details of any features or buildings within the site including trees or water courses;
  • A location plan of the site on an OS type of plan (preferably to scale) with site outlined in red.
  • Outline plan / block plan of proposed buildings (preferably to scale).
  • Current use and proposed use (including amount of development existing at the site).
  • Drawing/s showing height and scale of development proposed.
  • The relevant planning fee.

It will also help if you can provide additional information such as:

  • Drawings of the proposal (including measurements - scale not necessary but measurements must be included).
  • Photographs of the site, showing the relationship to neighbouring premises/uses.
  • Any other relevant documents.

Additional requirements for larger developments (e.g. 5+ houses / new infrastructure or commercial development)

  • Draft design and access statement (based on context, survey and analysis of site constraints and opportunities).
  • Any community involvement you may have undertaken.

NB The maximum cumulative size of all submitted documents should be no greater than 25 mb.