Advice for landlords

National Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

The National Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme recognises reputable landlords/agents who provide their tenants with high quality and safe accommodation.

Before you can become an accredited landlord you must attend a one-day seminar to learn about best practice for landlords, housing legislation, and what is expected of you. You must also sign a legal declaration to say you are a fit and proper person to be a landlord.

Finally, you must sign up to a code of conduct that commits you to:

  • act in a fair and reasonable way and to respect the rights of tenants to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property
  • give tenants 24 hours‘ notice when access to the property is required
  • provide tenants with a tenancy agreement, inventory, details of how the deposit will be managed, and contact information for the landlord
  • not harass tenants
  • ensure all accommodation is in a reasonable state of repair and has adequate fire safety amenities
  • attend to repairs and defects promptly

The National Residential Landlords Association’s website  has up to date joining fees, useful resources, including the full code of conduct, the statement of a fit and proper person and the agent accreditation policy, which details additional standards agents must meet. You can also search a list of accredited landlords.