Street trading policy

Letting of pitches

Sub-letting pitches

Consent holders are not permitted to sub-let the pitch they are allocated under any circumstances.

Re-letting pitches

Street traders must make full use of their consent. We will assess whether a consent holder has made a full use of their consent. Street traders will notify the licensing team in circumstances where, and for whatever reason, they do not intend to make use of their consent, and notification should be made in advance.

Consent holders must inform the licensing team of the date upon which they intend to resume trading. In circumstances where the date is not known, consent holders must give appropriate notice of their intention to resume trading.

Where no prior notification has been received and in circumstances where we are satisfied that the consent holder is not making full use of their consent it may re-let the street trading pitch to another trader.

Multiple street trading consents may be granted to different applicants for the same site provided specific trading days/ periods are applied for.