Street trading policy

Roaming street trading

  • Consents for roaming street trading will be granted on condition that they allow no more than 30 minutes trading in any 100m part of any one street on any one day and don’t return within 2 hours. This reflects the peripatetic nature of their operation.
  • Trading in one place for longer than this will require a temporary or annual street trading consent.
  • The trader must clearly identify the times and dates they wish to trade and in which locations.
  • It is up to the consent holder to ensure that they comply with laws relating to the highway.
  • We will generally restrict or amend your consent where the type of goods conflict with other goods for sale in the vicinity.
  • Consents can run for up to 12 months.
  • Applications must be made at least 10 working days before the consent is due to start.

Payment of fees for roaming pitches

Please see Lichfield District Council’s website for the current fee.

Full payment must be made in advance of a consent being granted and in one transaction.