Street trading policy

Types of street trading

Streets may be designated as either prohibited, licensed or consent streets for the purpose of street trading.

Prohibited streets

If a street is designated as a prohibited street then a criminal offence is committed by any person engaging in street trading in that street.

There could be a number of reasons for wishing to designate a street as prohibited. For example the street may not be wide enough to facilitate a trader or we may wish to restrict trading in a particular location.

The only prohibited street in Lichfield District is the whole extent of the A38.

Licensed streets

A licensed street designation is considered appropriate for the more formalised market type of trading in a street where the strict control of a limited amount of space is required.

There are no licensed streets within Lichfield District.

Consent streets

Designating a street a consent street enables trading to take place upon it, subject to the trader receiving a consent to trade from us.

All streets within Lichfield District are designated as consent streets with the exception of the A38.