Street trading policy

Events eligible for subsidised street trading

All events that are agreed through the events and festivals policy will automatically receive a subsidy for street trading and traders will be charged a subsidised fee.

For smaller events, the event organiser can apply to us requesting their event to be considered for an event subsidy where street trading is taking part at the event and there are 10 or more consents that require issuing.

To be eligible to receive a subsidised street trading rate the event should include some sort of entertainment, theme, attraction or promotion to encourage visitors to the event and surrounding area. An event that is just a market will not be eligible for the subsidy.

If an event is approved for a subsidised street trading rate the event organiser will be sent a street trading event application link so that they can invite applications to be made by street traders wanting to trade at the event. To be eligible for the subsidised street trading rate, the event organiser must have a strong track record of event /street trading compliance and have no outstanding fees. Consents will be issued by us to individual traders on successful application to us. The application details and deadlines are set out in the street trading procedure.

Where an event is agreed after street trading consents have already been issued for the same location, the street trading consents will be honoured and the special event organizer will be required to allow for the traders in the location and trading hours as set out in their consent.

Applying for a street trading event subsidy

Applicants should complete our event organisers expression of interest form well in advance of your planned event. Once we have recieved your form we will contact you to discuss the next steps. Any events already agreed through the events policy will automatically have the subsidy applied.

Applicants wishing to serve and/or sell alcohol will also need to apply for a temporary event notice (TEN). A TEN must be sent to the licensing team (and the police) at least 10 working days in advance of a planned event. 

We strongly recommend that all street trading organisers contact the licensing team whilst they are in the planning stages of their event. Applications may have restrictions put on them by us, such as the number of certain type of trader e.g. food, or the number of total stalls that can be accommodated at the event.