Street trading policy

Temporary street trading

  • Temporary street trading pitches can be in any appropriate location on a consent street.
  • Each application will be assessed on its own merits.
  • Use of the same pitch cannot be guaranteed.
  • The application details and deadlines are set out in the street trading procedure.

Payment of fees for temporary pitches

  • For temporary pitches, the applicant will need to pay when booking.
  • The trader will incur the one day fee and then a lower daily fee for any additional days to be added to the same consent.
  • The additional days must be at the same pitch or a pitch that has been previously authorised for use by this trader.
  • The additional days must also be within the same financial year as the first day of trading.
  • To take advantage of the additional day fee rate full payment must be made in advance and in one transaction.

Find out more about street trading fees and how to apply.