Park hire terms and conditions


  1. No commercial traders will be permitted to trade at the event without the prior written consent of the council.
  2. Hirers are responsible for obtaining all the necessary safety documents including PLI and risk assessments, furthermore, ensuring traders abide with the event safety documents.
  3. All traders shall comply with statutory requirements, orders and regulations
  4. No Chinese lanterns, explosives or fireworks are to be brought onto or retailed on site.
  5. The hirer will ensure that no traders are selling air weapons and ammunition, this is not permitted in parks.
  6. The hirer must ensure all traders with inflatable devices are PIPA certificated or equivalent and must have an anemometer (wind speed meter) available and on site at ALL events. Readings must be recorded on a half hourly basis and manufacturer’s guidance followed at all times. The absence of an anemometer will prevent the trader from operating inflatables on council land.