Park hire terms and conditions

Intro and definitions

People hiring the parks and the park facilities are subject to the following terms and conditions.


In these terms and conditions the following expressions shall be interpreted as follows:

  1. “Conditions” means these booking conditions which shall form part of the contract between the council and the hirer.
  2. “Council” means the Lichfield District Council and includes its successors in title.
  3. “Due date” means the final date stipulated for payment, documentation or delivery of service.
  4. “Event” means the purpose for which the venue has been booked.
  5. “Hirer” means the individual, or company/organisation representative booking the event, who pays any fees due under clause 2. This booking is personal to the hirer and he/she may not transfer or sublet this consent to any other person or organisation.
  6. “Head of service” refers to the head of leisure and operational Services for the time being of the council or his/her duly authorised officer.
  7. “The manager” means the facility manager for the time being of the council or his/her authorised assistant.
  8. “Venue” means the location booked for the event.
  9. “Hire fees and charges” means payment to the council for the temporary hire of the site and required equipment.
  10. “Park hire deposit” means payment to the council to reserve the use of the selected areas.
  11. The “Deposit bond” is an amount, to be determined depending on the scale of the event, to be paid prior to the event for the reparation of council assets and land. The bond will be returned in full to the hirer no later than 28 days commencing with the end of the hire period, subject to satisfactory site inspection by the manager.