Park hire terms and conditions

Use of the venue

All applications for the hire of parks and their facilities must be made via the online booking process. In all cases the application form should be submitted within the timescales stipulated in accordance with the hire type

  1. The hirer shall ensure no park byelaws are infringed as part of the event hire.
  2. The hirer shall keep the venue clean and tidy, ensuring the venue is regularly litter picked during the event. The hirer shall further ensure that the council’s obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse are discharged.
  3. All litter and refuse generated by the event shall be removed from the venue by the hirer.
  4. The hirer must at all times take good care of the venue and will be responsible for any damage to the venue or any part of it or any equipment or other property of the council whether forming part of the hire or not.
  5. The property of the hirer and the hirer’s agents must be removed at the end of the period of hire or by a time and date to be agreed with the Manager. The council accepts no responsibility for any property left on the venue before, during or after the hire period.
  6. If the hirer fails to perform any of its obligations set out in clauses 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 above the council reserves the right to perform any such obligations and any costs incurred by the council in the performance of such obligations shall be borne by the hirer.
  7. The hirer is responsible for the administration, organisation and running of the event and for having sufficient stewards and officials to fulfil these conditions.
  8. The hirer is responsible for the supervision and control of event participants, officials, visitors and spectators.
  9. The hirer shall not be permitted to remove or obscure council notices or placards displayed on the venue without the prior written consent of the council.
  10. Where it has been necessary to make a road closure order the hirer shall ensure that the road closure equipment provided by the council is not moved and shall maintain the integrity of the closure.
  11. The hirer shall not interfere with or attach anything to any item of street and/or park furniture and trees.
  12. The hirer shall not excavate or drill pinning holes into the venue except with the prior written consent of the council.
  13. The hirer shall ensure that any unwanted liquids are removed from the venue and not disposed of into the sewage system or on the venue.
  14. The hirer shall ensure that no vehicles are parked or driven across any public footpath located within the venue.
  15. The hirer shall ensure that pedestrians are allowed unrestricted access along any public footpath located within the venue. Visitors or members of the public will not be allowed to park or drive on any part of the venue without prior permission.
  16. The hirer shall not interfere with or make any alteration to the layout or arrangement of the venue without the prior written consent of the council.
  17. Where the council has agreed that the venue shall be used for a fun fair then the hirer shall supply full details of all side shows and rides prior to the due date including a fun fair site plan and shall comply with and ensure that the operators of the rides comply with the guidance given in the publication Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks – Guidance on Safe Practice published by the Health and Safety Executive, and all other statutory requirements.
  18. The hirer shall ensure that no noise nuisance shall be caused to occupiers of properties surrounding the venue or users of the immediate surrounding area of the venue.
  19. The council reserve the right to require the hirer to provide at his own expense temporary sanitary accommodation at such a level as deemed reasonable by the manager.
  20. The hirer shall consult with the council regarding the sale or consumption of alcoholic drinks, whereas clauses may be applied by the manager, along with statutory licence requirements.
  21. The hirer will not permit any performance or entertainment in which animals are at risk, or offered as prizes (incl. goldfish).
  22. The hirer will not permit the operation or release of any high flying object without the prior written consent of the council and the Civil Aviation Authority.
  23. It is the responsibility of the hirer to liaise with the manager and Staffordshire Police regarding the impact the event may have on traffic arrangements in the vicinity of the venue. The hirer agrees to comply with any requirements of the manager and Staffordshire Police regarding traffic management.
  24. The hirer agrees that where the venue is to be used in the dark, the provision of appropriate lighting to cover all areas where the public are admitted or have access, will be necessary
  25. The hirer shall not bring into the venue any article of an inflammable or explosive character or that produces an offensive smell, or CFC or any oil, electrical, gas or other apparatus without the written approval of the council.
  26. The hirer shall obtain approval from the council for the use of generators at the event. If such approval shall be granted the hirer must ensure that any generators permitted at the event are operated in a safe manner and are segregated from the public or are protected by suitable covers or barrier, so as to prevent access by members of the public.
  27. The hirer shall not bring, place or erect any sign furniture, fitting or structure nor place or fix any additional or decorative lighting in or on any parts of the venue without the prior written consent of the council.
  28. The use of any public address system at the event must be first agreed in writing by the council and must be operated so as not to cause a noise nuisance in breach of clause 8.17. Any necessary licences must be clarified with the council.
  29. The hirer shall repay to the council on demand the cost, as certified by the manager of reinstating, repairing or replacing or cleansing any part of or property in the venue if damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed prior to, during or subsequent to the period of hire if related to or by reason of the hiring. The council’s valuation of any damage/loss is final.
  30. The hirer shall clean and replenish toiletries, during the hire of facilities, if applicable, ensuring the facilities are as they were found prior to the hire.