Do I need a licence?

Not all businesses require a licence/permit, or need to register, however there’s a wide range of businesses/activities that need a licence/permit, or need to register.

If you don't get the right licence/permit or registration, you could be breaking the law and could face serious penalties including fines and/or prison.

The government website has a licence finder tool to work out if you need a licence/permit/registration, based on the business activities you want to carry out.

The most common is if you are selling alcohol - others include taxis, tattoo parlours, food businesses and animal boarding establishments.

Some one-off activities also need a licence such as public events.

This section outlines the licences we can help you with. If a licence type is not listed on our website, it does not necessarily mean that you do not need to get a licence, you may just need to speak to another relevant authority, such as those listed below. We always recommend you check the government's licence finder tool to make sure.

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