Write an event management plan

Section 8 - Severe weather and event cancellation

In this section, provide details of what action will be taken if severe/extreme weather has an impact on your event. Depending on the time of year of your event, you should consider the likelihood of the following weather events and how you would deal with them: 

Heavy rainfall and flooding - could result in a slip and trip issues, make areas of the event inaccessible or unsafe, could result in waterlogged or stranded equipment.    

  • High winds - could impact on structures such as marquees or nearby trees
  • Snow and ice - could result in slip and trip issues and freezing working conditions
  • Heat wave - failure to provide adequate shelter from the sun or to have readily available refreshments could result in staff and the public being ill with heat exhaustion etc.     

You should also consider all these issues within your risk assessment. 

Consideration should be given and plans put in place if you need to cancel the event at short notice. This should include plans to tell the public and redirect them from the event area etc.