Write an event management plan

Section 14 - First aid

In this section, detail the first aid and medical provision at your event e.g. what equipment/facilities will be in place, who will administer first aid and what are their qualifications?

The online Purple Guide (which costs £25 plus VAT for a 12 month subscription) sets out that no event should have fewer than two first aiders (recommended as 2:1,000 for the first 3,000). More will be needed at larger events. 

The guide provides a template to help establish your requirements based on:

  • size of audience
  • nature and type of event and entertainment
  • location and type of venue – outdoor, indoor, seated, overnight camping etc.
  • potential for misuse of alcohol or drugs
  • seasonal weather factors

Through the SAG, the West Midlands Ambulance Service may comment on the level of first aid provision you have planned.  

Download the West Midlands Ambulance Medical Form