Write an event management plan

Section 11 - Street trading

In this section, detail whether your event includes mobile caterers, food or craft stalls, it’s likely that the trader will need to apply for street trading consent from Lichfield District Council.

It is illegal to trade on the street without this consent, and it applies to anyone selling on the public highway.

Confirm whether your event will be subject to street trading legislation and how you will coordinate with the council’s licensing team to make sure applications are made by traders attending your event in good time.

The council can develop an online form so your traders to apply directly to the council for street trading consent for your event. 

You will be informed of the link to the traders’ online application form which you can send to your traders and promote through your channels.

The licensing team needs a list of expected traders at least seven days before the event.

The traders are responsible for making the application but, as the event organiser, it would be helpful for you to remind them of these requirements:

  • They must be able to provide evidence of a minimum food hygiene rating of 4 – good.
  • Provide proof of public liability insurance that includes cover for a minimum of £5 million. 
  • Pay the relevant street trading fee.

The consents are issued with conditions that must be met. As the event organiser you could be found to be responsible for traders not complying with the conditions of their street trading consent. There have been reoccurring issues with grease staining and oil spillages on the highway as a result of street trading which has required intensive street cleaning. The following condition now applies to all street trading consents that we issue:

“The Street Trading Consent Holder must ensure there is adequate protection on and around the designated pitch that would contain any food debris and grease that would otherwise require mechanical removal. Failure to adhere to this condition could result in a charge for the removal being made and any future applications being declined.”

In some circumstances this will require you to ensure that mobile caterers have provided adequate floor protection e.g. mats, to protect the pavement from grease and oil. Please detail how you will communicate this to traders and how it will be checked at the event.

Please note: Event organisers will be charged for the cost of street cleaning to remove grease staining and spillages o the pavement following an event.   

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