Write an event management plan

Section 5 - Crowd management

In this section, outline how you intend to plan the event to allow good entry and exit and to enable good crowd movement within the venue or site.

Explain how the following factors will have a bearing on crowd management:  

  • Audience capacity – detail the maximum occupancy of the event. This could be based on predicted attendance (open public events) or be restricted for safety/ comfort (within structures or enclosed spaces). Structures such as marquees will have a safe occupancy level which will be relevant to the fire service in terms of evacuation in an emergency. Capacity levels may also be relevant to any premises licence or temporary events notice (Tens) in place. Detail how the number of attendees will be checked and managed throughout the event.    
  • Detail the provision of adequate facilities for refreshments, sanitary requirements e.g. how you will ensure there are enough toilet facilities, etc.
  • How there will be clear effective means of communication with the audience e.g. PA system or loud speaker.
  • Detail how security and stewarding staff will direct and supervise the crowd to maintain access, egress, avoid pinch points and minimise overcrowding.