Write an event management plan

Section 20 - Lost children

In this section, outline your procedure for dealing with lost children at your event. This should identify the arrangements for the safe care of lost children until they are reunited with a parent /guardian.

You should obtain a CRB check for all staff working supervised or unsupervised, with either young children or vulnerable adults. If a CRB check is not available, you may be able to liaise with your local police representative to conduct a police check for any past history.

You should provide a staffed lost children’s point throughout your event.

See an example lost/found children policy

Ensure a risk assessment is carried out of any play equipment or fairground rides that are used and they are suitable for the size and age of the users. This equipment must be safe and children need to be closely supervised when using the equipment.

Also consider how you will need to support vulnerable, including people with physical impairments or learning difficulties. Consider how they can safely access and leave the event, especially in an emergency situation.