Write an event management plan

Section 4 - Venue and site design

In this section, provide a description of the venue or site and how it is suitable for the event. Include details of any temporary structures, such as staging, tents, marquees or stalls used.

Please put together a scaled site plan or diagram in the appendices which displays the layout of the whole site, including the location of structures and equipment to be used.

The plan should highlight: 

  • public entrances and emergency fire exits
  • vehicle routes and the flow of traffic
  • location of firefighting equipment
  • toilets and disabled facilities
  • perimeter fencing
  • areas covered by temporary event notices for the sale of alcohol
  • anything else that helps to outline the event

Also include an overview of the arrangements in place for the ‘build’ and ‘break’ phases of the event. A timetable is a useful way to demonstrate how you will set up the event and how you are going to restore the site to its original condition afterwards.

Please include details of any inflatables, rides or funfairs that will be at the event. 

As the event organiser, you are responsible for any work or equipment that you contract into the event, whether or not this is paid or voluntary.

This means you will need to demonstrate you have selected competent contractors who should be able to provide insurance certificates, maintenance records, their own specific risk assessments and proof of competency e.g. training certificates or qualifications.

For example, a contractor who provides funfair or inflatable equipment should be able to demonstrate they have PIPA test certificates and that any standalone rides are part of the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS).

The operator should be able to provide a copy of their in service annual inspection papers for the event management plan.