Write an event management plan

Section 10 - Alcohol

In this section, confirm whether alcohol will be sold at the event and what permissions have been obtained to do so. This will either be a premises licence or a temporary event notice (TEN).

Provide the number and location of any bars in your event. It would be helpful to plot these on a diagram showing the layout of the event. The use of a TEN will usually restrict the number of people who can access the area that is covered for alcohol sales e.g. the bar area, so you will need to explain how your security arrangements will restrict and supervise public access to these areas.  

Detail the procedures you will have in place to prevent the sale and use of alcohol to underage people. For example the ‘Challenge 25’ resources and training for staff. 

Find out how to apply for a premises licence or temporary event notice

A useful overview of the legal requirements for alcohol licensing is also available on GOV.UK