Write an event management plan

Section 18 - Toilet and handwashing facilities

In this section, detail how you will provide adequate toilet and hand washing facilities for your attendees, staff and contractors.

The number of facilities should be based on the expected numbers and the expected gender split. Public facilities can be taken into consideration but, as they are not exclusively for the use of the event, you will need to provide additional toilets. Suitable facilities should also be in place for people with disabilities.  

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has provided general guidelines for toilet provision:

For events with a gate opening time of six hours or more

  • Female - 1 toilet per 100 females
  • Male - 1 toilet per 500 males and 1 urinal per 150 males

For events with a gate opening time of fewer than six hours

  • Female - 1 toilet per 120 females
  • Male - 1 toilet per 600 males and 1 urinal per 175 males

Outline how toilets will be checked, cleaned and replenished with hand washing facilities etc. If you are using portable toilets, these may need emptying during the event so you should consider how accessible these facilities are for contractors to carry out this work.